The Catholic Health International CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP is a resource centre providing development opportunities to each of our Corporations in the areas of Spirituality, Education, Values, Philosophy, and Mission.

Membership of the five pillars is made up of cross section of experts in the field of each category across our entire system.  They meet on a regular basis and provide foundation for each of the individual programs within each pillar.  The Board of Directors of Catholic Health International fully supports this Centre and is providing the resources to ensure its success.



Catholic Health Care Leadership 
– English and French Catholic Health Leadership Formation Programs           – Foundations of Leadership – CHA-U.S.A.
– Forming Health Care Leaders – A Guide                                                                      – Registrations
– Programming                                                                                                                            – Co-ordination
– Certification                                                                                                                              – Alumni Education
 Values Integration Assessment
– Program Development                                                                                                        – Survey and Training
– Implementation                                                                                                                     – Survey Frequency
– Revisions of Program                                                                                                           – Certification
– Education                                                                                                                                  – Ethicist Network Support
– Health Ethics Guide (CANADA)                                                                                      – Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (U.S.A.)
– Needs Assessments                                                                                                                – Co-ordinators Support Network
– Mission Programs Catalog                                                                                                  – Patrons
 Spiritual & Religious Care
– Training Standards (Professionals)                                                                                   – Training Standards (Volunteers)
– Education Funding and Programing                                                                                – Grief Recovery Training
– Needs Assessments