Inspired by the Founding Sisters,

Catholic Health International aspires to live the health mission of Jesus,

through our communites of care,

serving all people with compassion, hope and love. 


Catholic Health International Values Statement

The philosophy of Catholic Health International is based on the following mission beliefs:


  • We believe in the tradition that the ministry of healing is
    an expression of Christian identity and witness inspired and supported by the values and principles within Roman Catholic moral  teaching.
  • We believe that as a matter of conscience, we uphold our clearly expressed moral position and corporate rights, as we fulfill our social; legislated and civic obligations.
  • We believe that as sponsors we have an obligation to provide leadership and utilize the means necessary to ensure Christian witness and excellence in our facilities and services.
  • We believe that the gift of life is sacred and inviolable through all its phases and in every situation.  All persons are created, out of the Creator’s love, with human dignity and God-given gifts which are the basis for all other human goods.
  • We believe that the personnel collaborating in the mission and services of our facilities are communities of caring persons who witness Christ’s love and compassion to those whom they serve.
  • We believe in Christian justice: that personal dignity is respected; that recognition for personal performance is given; opportunities for personal development are offered and available, and that just compensation is received for work.  This is the environment created for persons associated with Catholic Health International institutions and values.
  • We believe that the resources within our facilities and services are applied professionally, prudently and according to sound management principles.