Below you will find documents that have been shared by CHI facilities in the area of mission.  Please feel free to download and adapt them for use in your facility.  Should you have any questions about a document or program don’t hesitate to contact the CHI office or the facility directly.If you wish to share any documents or programs in the area of mission with other CHI members, you may contact David Levangie at [email protected] to add to this resource centre.

Annual Conference Planning Committee Terms of Reference – CHANB

Annual Conference flyer 2010 – CHANB

Annual Conference flyer 2010 French – CHANB

Annual Conference flyer 2013 – CHANB

Annual Conference flyer 2014 – CHANB

Annual Conference flyer 2014 French – CHANB

Annual Conference flyer 2015 – CHANB

Commissioning pamphlet for Advisory Committee – SJH

Core Values Card – SJH

Director of Mission Ethics & Spirituality Job Description – SJH

Director of Mission Interview questions – SJH

Director of Mission, Ethics and Spirituality job posting – SJH

Employee Survey (indicators to measure performance related to Mission) – SJCCC

Founders Day poster – HDS

Founders Day presentation – HDS

Founding Spirit Plan – Roc

Job Description Director Mission & Pastoral Care Hotel Dieu Shaver

Loeuvre des Filles de Jésus – Dalhousie

Mission & Ethics committee by laws – HDS

Mission Award Certificate – Roc

Mission Award Policy – Roc

Mission Award pamphlet – Roc

Mission Award poster – Roc

Mission Award presentation pamplet – Roc

Mission Committee Terms of Reference – HDGH

Mission Prayer – SBH

Mission Vision Card – SJH

Mission Vision Values – SJCCC

Mission Week – SBH

Mission Week 2 – SBH

Mission Week 2017 Tea With Sisters – SJCCC

Mission Week 2017 Tea With Sisters 2 – SJCCC

Mission Week 3 – SBH

Mission Week Calendar – SBH

Mission Week Poster – SBH

Missioning Ceremony for Executive Director & DON – Rocmaura

Orientation for staff – HDS

Our History – SJCCC

Our Team – Notre equipe Boards (Deepen the Mission) – SJCCC

Reward and Recognition Programs – HDGH

SJCCC Orientation and Mission Education

Terms of Reference Advisory Committee – SJH

Terms of Reference Mission Committee – SJH

HDS poster with services outlined – HDS